ChargePLUS brings in a new lifestyle to how you have been charging your smartphone and other devices. For the fast-paced world you need everything on-demand and now ChargePLUS gives you that everlasting power to think different.

Charge ‘On the Go’
Don’t get stuck against a wall.
Charge for FREE and ‘On the Go’

WiFi ‘On the Go’

Connect your WiFi Hotspot Dongle
Get WiFi ‘On the Go’

GPS ‘On the Go’

Keep your GPS ON and never get lost
Get realtime turn-by-turn directions ‘On the Go’

GoPRO ‘On the Go’

Capture all your precious moments
Keep your adventure Camera Charged.

Data ‘On the GO’

Onroad/Offroad, Keep your Data conncection ON
Never miss a facebook update or that live cricket score !

Peace of Mind

Keeps your bike’s battery and your smartphone super safe
Six protection circuits that does intelligent charging.

Outdoor Friendly

Rain or Shine, Works Completely Fine
IPX5/IPX7 Certified All Weather device.

Any Gear On the GO
Experience the magic of mobility. ChargePLUS is a great companion to any USB Powered devices – Not just for your smartphone but for a range of devices. Here are some more options…

Wifi Dongle | GoPro | GPS | Bluetooth Speakers | Solar Panel | Tyre Pressure Systems | USB Fan | Mini Vacuum Cleaner | Fitness Wrist Bands | Coffee Warmer | Mini Printer | Adruino | Raspberry Pi and many of ‘ Internet of Things’

Choose your ChargePLUS Lifestyle

Pro Duo

Dual USB Port

Simultaneous charging of two devices



Outdoor Friendly

Alloy Design, Rugged, Abrasive Resistant


Water Proof

IPX5 - Splash Proof, IPX7 - Water Proof




Storage Friendly

Designed for under the Seat Storage

Anywhere Mount

Mount holder with Auto grade adhesive

Rearview Mirror Mount

Mounts elegantly in your rearview mirror



Maximum Current

Intelligent Fast Charging for your device




Input Voltage

Check battery specification of your vehicle




Output Voltage

AS per USB Standards





1 Year Limited Warranty. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products. Register your product at for best support. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Why should I have ChargePLUS?

Safety. Mobility. Connectivity – Getting stuck against a wall to charge your phone? Break free and charge 'On the Go'

Can I use ChargePLUS everyday?

Yes. ChargePLUS is designed for everyday use so that your phones will never be out of charge for that important call from home.

How to choose the right ChargePLUS for my bike?

We recommend Basic/Advanced for bikes less than 100cc and Advanced/Pro for greater than 100cc bikes

Will it work with my Harley Davidson Fatboy?

Yes ChargePLUS is currently used by several HD models including Fatboy

How can I be sure that ChargePLUS will work with my bike?

ChargePLUS works with any 12V-24V battery. Almost all the bike's use a 12V battery. Please check your bike's battery specfications if you are in doubt.

How do I fix ChargePLUS on my bike?

ChargePLUS is designed for DIY (Do It Yourself) installation. Its really simple to install – DIY Guide inside the packaging will help you install your ChargePLUS in <15 minutes

Will my bike's battery be affected in any way?

No, ChargePLUS is carefully designed with several safety protection circuits to ensure safety of your bike’s battery and the device that you intend to charge.

Where should I keep my phone?

There are range of bike mounts available for your SmartPhone, GPS, GoPro specific to your lifestyle. Alternately your phone can be kept in the storage flap on the tank if you have one.

Is there a warranty for ChargePLUS?

For your complete peace of mind, ChargePLUS comes with 1 year limited warranty.

How long does it take to fix ChargePLUS on the bike?

Depending on the location of the bike's battery it may just take about 5 to 15 minutes.

When will the Pro version (Dual USB port) be available?

You will be delighted soon. If you can't wait please write to

Awesome. I need one, Where can I buy?

ChargePLUS is available in your friendly neighbourhood biking gear shop. Also available in leading online stores e.g. amazon etc.,

How to claim my warranty?

Please write to to initiate an RMA. RESONATE will ship a brand new ChargePLUS for your continuous 'On The Go' Charging experience.